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Crazy names for the Continental Toy Spaniel you never hear

papillon-2Toy Spaniel is a European dog that was initially bred in Britain. Toy Spaniel provides a special companion to many families. The name of a dog is provided with the owner as a unique identity. Some of the Toy Spaniel names are in fact- weird. Toy Spaniel names are often unheard since the owner keeps these selective species at home with limited interactions in public. Description of names for these Toy Spaniel mixes rely on the behavior and mood of the breed owner, in which alternative names are often given to each Toy Spaniel dog breed.


Stella is a name usually given to human beings, but this Toy Spaniel shares the same name. Since people names are viewed as sacred from a public domain perspective, though Toy Spaniel owners were compelled to give Continental Toy Spaniel the name “Stella” due to their passion for this pooch.


For most animals, ‘fang’ means a sharp tooth on the front side often called the Canine Tooth. The defense mechanism of this animal is assisted with dangerous fangs to scare-off and even attack opponents. Continental Toy Spaniel is given the ‘fang’ name which resembles the vicious attacks noticed with the owner. If you’ve ever owned a small toy dog, the ‘bite’ is worse than the bark!


Buddy describes the ‘friendship mode’ hence Continental Toy Spaniel often have a close association with the owner. This closeness is evident when the owner of the dog breed has a positive relationship with the Continental Toy Spaniel likewise. Friends who spend lots of time together get the alternative expression known as: Buddy, hence the owners of Continental Toy Spaniel often describes them with the name.

Fire Dragon

Naming a Continental Toy Spaniel a fire dragon describes the internal negative characteristics of the dog breed. Continental Toy Spaniel breed are trained to adapt to their new surroundings however beyond every positive mark comes a negative one too. Fire Dragon comes from the quick turn-around in good nature that is defiant, moody and unpredictable. Watch out when pissing-off your Toy Spaniel.


Toy Spaniel is a particular breed among the smallest dog species that are domesticated. And since Babies are often considered delicate yet the demanding nature- in particular, the attention within the family is all important for this breed. Owners of Toy Spaniel consider this dog breed as a baby. The dog is literally provided with special treatment, since it is regarded as a baby.


The Toy Spaniel can purchased from various breeders all over Europe and America, hence the owner might opt to name their pet after the region or state where it was purchased. Dakota is a real name used for Toy Spaniels from a state well-known in America. Names of specific locations often bring fond memories since special dog breeds are nicknamed with this title as an ode to their memory.


Electrostatic discharge is often evident during rainy periods- known as lightning. The Toy Spaniel is also nicknamed lightening, which is crazy when you consider the reason behind it. There is no resemblance between this dog breed and actual lightning, but the owner decides the name is best suited since the playful nature of Toy Spaniel fits to the word ‘lightning’ so well. Perhaps even ‘powder keg’ would be better suited...


Yellow isn’t just a pretty color but also the name for Toy Spaniel too. Now this breed might not have the apparent yellow patch mark, but the owners do insists on the name whenever it works. We’re sure there is another reason you might think of yellow, but then again mixing a tiny dog with a nervous nature would be all too obvious.

Kennel Anthems